Slendrina: The Cellar 2 is DVloper Mobile Horror game by Unity. this from the 8 books from "Slendrina: The Cellar" was sequel. 


App Title with 2.

It's been a while, but now it is time to meet Slendrina in the dark cellar again. 
This time, she is not alone. Her mother and her sweet baby is helping here.

Try to find 8 old books located in different places in the cellar.2 of what you have 9 on your phone or phone call

There are also keys that you need to find for those locked doors.

Good luck!

How to EscapeEdit

Find all 8 books and get out. watch out for Slendrina, Slendrina's Mom and Child.


Slendrina: The player takes damage when looking at Slendrina  

Slendrina's Mom: Hits the player.

Slendrina's Child: Catches the player and bites him/her


All Jumpscares in Slendrina The Cellar 2-1

All Jumpscares in Slendrina The Cellar 2-1

Offical linksEdit

Play on Android.

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