Slendrina's mom is the mother of Slendrina. She is also the grandmother of The Child and the daughter of Granny, and Slenderman's wife.


Her hair is white, tied in bun. Her eyes are white (But not blind). Her dress is similar to Slendrina's dress in most of the Slendrina games. Her opened-mouth is like Slendrina's but with sharp teeth. Also, her skin is a darkish-tan and she first appears in The House of Slendrina and then appears in Slendrina The Asylum, Slendrina The Cellar 2, Slendrina The Forest, and Slendrina X. When she was young, she had black eyes, coral black hair, and wore a flannel white dress. her younger version appears in Slendrina The Escape and also in a picture from the ending scene from The house of Slendrina game. After the slendrina she apeared in granny


Slendrina's mom appears in one Slendrina games, where she takes various forms. Most often, she is an antagonist who chases the player and scratches them.

In most of the Slendrina games, Slendrina's mom usually wanders around the places and only attacks once she spots the player when he/she gets close to her from behind or if the player is in front of her. Once she sees the player, she will follow them around, trying to scratch them with her claws until the player faints or dies, resulting in a game over.

In Slendrina X, she is seen chained up inside of a cage, unmoving. When the player leaves the room, she breaks free, but does not become hostile until the escape sequence (once Slendrina's spirit is captured in the Book).

Once this has been done, she becomes a giant head that blocks the hallways and slowly chases the player, instantly killing them if upon contact.


  • Slendrina and her mother pop up in Granny, In version 1.5, they do not attack the protagonist nor affect any major part of the game.
  • The fans say that Slendrina is Granny's Daughter, but she isn't. She's her mother's daughter, grand daughter of granny.
  • Slendrina's mother was created in 2014 by Dennis Vukanovic (a.k.a Dvloper).
  • She first appeared in House of Slendrina.
  • She has a photo in Granny in the room with the crow.
  • Some youtubers we're confused about granny and slendrina's mom. They both have white hair, they both are opened mouth, & they both have white dresses.


3 slendrina the cellar 2

Slendrina's Mom in Slendrina the Cellar 2


Slendrina's mom attacking the player

20190316 164204

A painting of Slendrina's mom in Granny


A painting of Slendrina's mom in Slendrina the Asylum

Hqdefault (1)-0

Slendrina's mother with her grandchild (Slendrina's child) in Slendrina the Cellar 2


Crawling on ceiling


Slendrina's mother in Slendrina the Forest

IMG 0198.PNG

Sitting on the bed in the House of Slendrina game


Slendrina's mom chasing the protagonist as a giant head

Screenshot 20180823-122534

Slendrina's mom easter egg in Granny


The view of Slendrina's mom being chained on a wall in the small bookshelf room in Granny (PC version)

Slendrina's Mom.JPG

Young Slendrina's mother in a family photo/picture in the House of Slendrina end scene


Slendrina's mom in Slendrina, the Asylum

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