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Slendrina's Mom is the secondary antagonist in the majority of the games of the Slendrina series, she also made dead appearances in Slendrina X and Granny. She's the mother of Slendrina and the daughter of Granny and Grandpa. She's only known as Slendrina's mom and not as 'Angelene', so, she doesn't have a confirmed name. Her husband is Slenderman, the father of Slendrina.

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Slendrina's mom appears in many of the Slendrina games, where she takes various forms. Most often, she is the antagonist who chases the player and scratches them with her claws/nails. In most of the Slendrina games, Slendrina's mom usually wanders around the places and only attacks once she spots the player when he/she gets close enough to her from behind or if the player is in front of her. Once she sees the player, she will follow them around, trying to scratch them with her claws until the player faints or dies, resulting in a game over. And has a really broken jaw


House of Slendrina[]

She will only appear with the form of a spider, making the game more scary and making the Player scared But she wouldn't attack or kill you. She appeares in her room sitting on his bed but if you get too close to her, slendrina will appear on the screen and scare you, then both will disappear from the screen. Her last appearance is in the end of the game, when the player discovers the mystery she appears behind him, with slendrina and slenderman cornering the placer but they won´t kill you.

Slendrina: Asylum[]

This is the first hostile appearance of Slendrina's mom, she usually walk randomly around the Asylum If she see the Player, she will go to his ubication, with a clip sound to alert the Player she's near to her, and if she trap the player, she would scratch him until he die. She also destroy the doors ,If you close the door, she can open it or also, on many occasions, destroy it.

Slendrina: The Forest[]

She only will appear until you find the house were is located the coffin or in buildings, She would the same: If she trap you she will scratch you until you die. This time her clip sounds if she's closer to the Player will sounds more strongest and with more decibels that the other in Slendrina: Asylum.

Slendrina: The Cellar 2[]

She would do the same things mentioned before. with the child they can became an dangerous threat,

and also she can appear flying in the corridors just like slendrina, however unlike slendrina that only scares you when it flies directly towards you Slendrina's mom will scratch you when you collide with her as she flies towards you

Slendrina X[]

In Slendrina X, she is seen chained up inside of a cage, unmoving. When the player leaves the room, she breaks free, but does not become hostile until the escape sequence , also after you leave room and you are in some other rooms and then if you come back to where she was chained in cage you will see Slendrina's husband looking at the cage and dont get close, he runs very fast to you , so don't come to the cage when you seen Slendrina's mom Before trapped in cage. (once Slendrina's spirit is captured in the Book). Once this has been done, she becomes a giant head that blocks the hallways and slowly chases the player, instantly killing them if upon contact.


This is the final appearance of Slendrina's Mom in the Slendrina series like an easter egg in the game. You need to find a book in the house to find the easter egg, then go to the Bed Room 3, here you'll find a picture where is a blood spot, throw down and move the switch that are behind the picture, the bookshelf will open, put down the book after entering to the secret room, and thats it, You will see the chained and motionless body of Slendrina's Mom. Her appearance is the same as in Slendrina X.


  • Slendrina and her mom pop up in Granny, In version 1.5, they do not attack the protagonist nor affect any major part of the game.
  • The fans say that Slendrina is Granny's Daughter, but she isn't. She's her mother's daughter, and the grand daughter of granny.
  • Slendrina's mom was created in 2014 by Dennis Vukanovic (a.k.a DVloper).
  • She first appeared in House of Slendrina.
  • She has a photo in Granny in the room with the crow.
  • Some youtubers were confused about her and were mistaking Slendrina's mom for Granny.
  • They both have white hair, they both are opened mouth, & they both have white nightgowns.
  • Lots of people think that Slendrina's mom's name is Angelene. This name came from the youtube channel Caffe TV and their videos of the "True Story of Slendrina". However, DVloper, who created the Slendrina game series has never said anything about her actual name and has confirmed on his Twitter account that he has nothing to do with Caffe TV and their story theories about Slendrina.


When she are near to you or when she see you.


Slendrina's mom in Slendrina the Cellar 2

Slendrina's mom attacking the player

A painting of Slendrina's mom in Granny

A painting of Slendrina's mom in Slendrina the Asylum

Slendrina's mom with her grandchild (Slendrina's child) in Slendrina the Cellar 2

Crawling on ceiling

Slendrina's mother in Slendrina the Forest

Slendrina's mom sitting on the bed in the House of Slendrina game

Slendrina's mom chasing the protagonist as a giant head

Slendrina's mom easter egg in Granny

The view of Slendrina's mom being chained on a wall in the small bookshelf room in Granny (PC version)

Family photo/picture in the House of Slendrina end scene

Slendrina's mom in Slendrina, the Asylum