Slendrina's head floating (summoned) in Granny Chapter 2

Slendrina is the main antagonist of the Slendrina game series made by DVloper. She is the granddaughter of Granny, as well as the daughter of Slendrina's Mom and Slenderman.And the sister of Ann the Nurse. She is the wife of Nosferatu and is the mother of her Child.

Slendrina appears as an antagonist in the first game Slendrina, then Slendrina: The Cellar, House of Slendrina, Slendrina: Asylum, Slendrina 2D, The Child of Slendrina, Slendrina: The School, Slendrina: The Cellar 2, Slendrina: The Forest, & Slendrina X. She also appears as an easter egg in the sequel of the game, Granny, where you can summon her if you put the teddy bear in a crib. In Granny: Chapter 2, she only appears as a floating head if you shoot her baby. She also appears in a painting with Granny next to the entrance of the stairs in the kitchen.

Appearance Edit

She has black hair, pale white skin, and wears a white dress that is covered in dirt or blood on the top. You can also see her eyes are glowing bright red in the middle, and she has a ghostly appearance.She pops up randomly and kills you to where you start over. right so i kind of wrote in the wiki leaving this message!

Hostility Edit

In the Slendrina game series, if the player turns around and see Slendrina, she will attack the player if the Player looks at her face for too long. The Player will appear to have blood across their screen the longer they look at her. Eventually the Player will either be knocked unconscious or dead. The amount of time the Player can look at Slendrina depends on the difficulty they are playing in. The only way the Player can survive and escape her attacks is if they turn away from Slendrina quick enough.

When summoned by the teddy bear in the crib in Granny, Slendrina will appear as a ghost beside the crib, not attacking the Player. Ghostly fog can be seen with her too when she's summoned and the Slendrina theme music will play briefly. After a few seconds, she will disappear. When the teddy bear is dropped in the crib, Granny will spawn in the basement not knowing the Player's location. When Slendrina is also briefly spawned, this allows for the secret ending to be unlocked for when the Player escapes Granny's house.

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Slendrina when angry


Slendrina in House of Slendrina game


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