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Slendrina is the main antagonist in the game series with the same name, created by Dvloper. She is also a character in an easter egg in The Twins and the Granny game series.


In the first Slendrina game, the player must collect six objects to escape different maps, all while dodging Slendrina.

Slendrina: The Cellar[]

The player returns in one of Slendrina’s cellars and must collect eight books to escape it, before Slendrina kills the player.

House of Slendrina[]

The player is curious about Slendrina, so the player goes to Slendrina’s childhood home to find out the secret. You must collect eight pages to unlock a cellar key, where you learn that Slendrina is the daughter of Slender Man and Slendrina’s mother.

Slendrina: Asylum[]

The player is now locked up at Slendrina’s old asylum and must collect eight pages to escape it, all while dodging Slendrina and her mother, who chases the player as well. Included in the game is her child, one of the things that the player would probably not think of finding.

Slendrina 2D[]

In a 2D version of Slendrina, the player must go throughout a house while dodging Slendrina and her mother. In the end, you save a girl who was previously trapped in the house and can leave the area.

Slendrina: The School[]

In the seventh Slendrina game, Slendrina tries to kill the player at her old school. In this game, you must collect multiple fuses to escape the school, but before you do, you give Slendrina back her teddy bear, which causes Slendrina to spare the player’s life.

Slendrina: The Cellar 2[]

This game is the sequel to Slendrina: The Cellar, and this time, Slendrina, her mother, and her child all attempt to kill the player in another of Slendrina’s cellars.

Slendrina: The Forest[]

The player is now lost in a forest haunted by Slendrina and her mother. The player finds seven keys to unlock a coffin in an abandoned house and finds and awakens Slendrina’s husband Liev.

Slendrina X[]

In the tenth and final Slendrina game in the series, the player is locked up at Liev’s mansion. Slendrina, Liev, and Liev’s two pet spiders guard the mansion. In this game, the player must escape the mansion before he is killed. In the ending to the game, the player finds a book with a picture of Slendrina on it and uses it to defeat Slendrina. The player can finally escape the mansion, but must hurry before the family’s anger destroys the mansion and everything in it.


Slendrina can be seen as an Easter egg if her old teddy bear is placed in a crib in a secret room in Granny’s house. Slendrina’s mother can also be seen hung up on a wall if a secret room is unlocked. One of Liev’s pet spiders can also be seen as Granny’s pet spider only on the PC version of Granny.

Granny: Chapter Two[]

In Grandpa’s house, the child of Slendrina is another antagonist of the game and guards a secret key or tool. If you kill the child, Slendrina is seen and heard for a time screaming at the player, causing Granny and Grandpa to get extremely angry.

Granny 3[]

DVloper’s most recent game, Granny 3, has the player stuck in Granny and Grandpa’s new mansion. The player can turn on a Slendrina mode, allowing Slendrina to be another antagonist of the game. Considering Slendrina is dead after the ending of Slendrina X, this may be Slendrina’s ghost form awakened in Granny and Granny: Chapter Two. The player can place her teddy bear in a crib, making Slendrina go away and not hurt him anymore throughout the game.


Slendrina is represented with a wide mouth and a long white nightgown, red eyes and long black hair. Slendrina looks like the japanese ghost which is Kayako from The Grudge They have the same nightgown as her mother.


  • Slendrina appears almost all DVloper games but these are the only games that Slendrina doesn't appear in Robot Hunt, Hotel Insanity, and The Twins.
  • Although appeared a Slendrina's Mask in The Twins, but it didn't make a physical appearance. The Slendrina Mask is just present when “With Guests” mode is enabled.
  • “With Guests” mode in The Twins is just for fun and Granny and Grandpa are not related to Bob and Buck.
  • Slendrina first appeared in DVloper's first Slendrina game with the same name.
  • Slendrina shares similar traits from Kayako Saeki, a horror japanese ghost character from Ju-on and from The Grudge. They share similar traits because:
  • They both look the same.
  • They both are ghosts.
  • They both have long hair.
  • They both have nightgown.
  • Their gazes kill.