Slendrina is the main antagonist in the game series with the same name, created by DVloper. She is also a character in an easter egg in the games Granny and Granny Chapter 2.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

She has black hair, pale white skin, a white dress/gown with dirt on the top. She also has black eyes with red pupils. In the Slendrina game series, she has appeared in some various forms and her appearance changed in a few games.

She also appears transparent in Granny and Granny Chapter 2 since she is currently a ghost.

In Granny Chapter 2, she is seen as a floating head if the Player kills her child, staring at the Player while moaning.

Behavior in game[edit | edit source]

Often in the game series, if the Player looks behind and sees Slendrina, she will use her look to harm the Player and kill them, as blood spreads across their screen. The time it takes for Slendrina to kill the Player if they look at her depends on the difficulty the gameplay is set. The harder the difficulty, the less time the Player can look away from Slendrina. Slendrina disappears if the Player looks away from her for a few seconds and she doesn't come back until a certain amount of time, which also depends on the difficulty.

Weakness[edit | edit source]

Throughout the series, Slendrina seemed to not have a weakness, as looking away from her would be the only way of surviving and escaping. However in the game Slendrina X, if the Player manages to put the book on the pedestal, they can trap Slendrina in the book, but they have to look away and then look back at her to draw and copy her face into it while gaining back health.

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