The Slender family is the family of Slendrina and her family members. Below is all the members from the top generation (Granny and Grandpa), to the lowest generation (Slendrina's Child).

1st Generation Edit

Granny (Slendrina's maternal grandmother) - Appears in Granny (game) & Granny Chapter 2

Grandpa (Granny's husband & Slendrina's maternal grandfather) - Only appears (debuted) in Granny Chapter 2

2nd Generation Edit

Angelene (Slendrina's mom) - Appears in Slendrina game series and Granny as an Easter egg

Slenderman (Angelene's husband and Slendrina's father) - Appears in 2 games of the Slendrina series

3rd Generation Edit

Slendrina (Angelene's daughter) - Appears in all games in the Slendrina game series, can appear in Granny, & Granny Chapter 2 as Easter eggs

Nosferatu/Leiv (Slendrina's husband) - Appears in Slendrina game series & Granny Chapter 2

4th Generation Edit

The Child (Slendrina's son) - Appears in Slendrina game series 3 times & Granny Chapter 2

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