Slenderman is a major character/antagonist in the Slendrina series, he is Slendrina's father, and the grandfather of The Child.


Simon (Slenderman) wears a black suit and a tie (the tie changes colors for different Slenderman games). His skin is very pale and white and has no face. He also has long limbs, which makes him very tall, and tentacles on his back, which he uses for attacking along with his gaze and soul sucking. Slenderman's appearance is basically near identical to his appearance in the original Slender series.

House of Slendrina

Slenderman does not appear until the very end of the game, after the photo is picked up he is shown with his daughter and wife cornering the player, this is his only in game appearance.

Child of Slendrina

This is Slenderman's first hostile appearance, he acts similar to how Slendrina acts in the game, he becomes active when the player enters the attic.


  • Slenderman shares some similarities with Slendrina's Husband as they are both tall, wear suits, and have pale-white skin.
  • Slenderman along with Slendrina and Angelene, were the ones who were infected by the curse when Slendrina turned 14 years old.
  • In The Child of Slendrina, he attacks the protagonist similar to Slendrina.
  • He is only a major antagonist in The Child of Slendrina game and appears in the House of Slendrina game ending scene. So he is not found in most of the Slendrina games.
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