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DVloper a.k.a Dennis Vukanovic is a Swedish Video Game Company, it's also the creator of all the Slendrina's series, and other games like The Twins, Hotel Insanity and Robot Hunt.

Games made by DVloper[]

  • Slendrina
  • Slendrina the Cellar
  • House of Slendrina
  • Slendrina Asylum
  • Slendrina 2D
  • The Child of Slendrina
  • Slendrina the School
  • Slendrina the Cellar 2
  • Slendrina the Forest
  • Slendrina X
  • Granny
  • Granny Chapter two
  • Slenderman Stands
  • Robot Hunt
  • Hotel Insanity
  • The Twins
  • Granny 3


  • The Twins is the only game that doesn't have blood.
  • Robot Hunt, The Twins and Hotel Insanity are the only games that aren't related to the Slendrina series.
  • The Child of Slendrina and Slendrina X are the only games not on iOS, this because DVloper confirmed that the Apple Company didn't accept this games to add in the AppStore.
  • In 2013 he released the first Slendrina game.
  • In 2014 he released Slendrina the Cellar and Slenderman Stands.
  • In 2015 he released Slendrina Asylum, Robot Hunt, House of Slendrina and Slendrina 2D.
  • In 2016 he released The Child of Slendrina, Hotel Insanity, Slendrina the School and Slendrina the Cellar 2.
  • In 2017 he released Slendrina the Forest, Slendrina X, and Granny.
  • In 2019 he released Granny: Chapter Two.
  • In 2020 he released The Twins.
  • In 2021 he released Granny 3.
  • In 2018 DVloper didn't release a new game.
  • Granny 3 won't be available on the App store due to Apple not accepting this game.
  • DVloper made 17 games.
  • Slenderman Stands, Robot Hunt and Hotel Insanity got removed from the Google Play Store due to unknown reasons, possibly was removed because of poor tecnical support, copyright reasons, or the company didn't accept this games anymore.
  • It looks like every year DVloper release a new game, but he forgot one in 2018.