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    Simon was a young boy who loved to play in the woods during  a full moon and he was never afraid. He one night went out of the woods and found his house on fire. He has nobody left. He went into the woods to look for help and met Granny, her daughter Angelene, and their dog. Simon and Angelene lived with each other, read Granny's books and played in the little playhouse Granny had out side. They even played with a teddy bear that hid in her crib. 

    One faithful night, Simon introduced Angelene to the woods where he played in. The very moment, they got separated in the dark and couldn't find each other. Angelene got very worried and eventually saw her loyal dog. Unfortunately, a while ago, the dog had gotten infected with Krasue, a ghost with…

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    Slenderina Page

    November 21, 2018 by Blazeheart456

    I noticed on the Slenderina page it starts out with a story. We don't really have proof of that, right? So that's not a real story, right?

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